Monday, May 09, 2011

Cantabon Cave, Siquijor

Cantabon Cave is more than the ordinary. It has not been commercially developed—giving people more reason to explore its natural marvel. Famed for its impressive group of stalactites and stalagmites among 45 other caves in the island, the trail to its very end can be difficult. Experiencing the unexploited grandeur, however, is surely worth the take.

The trek to Cantabon Cave has been proven to be a difficult one, as one would have to face 1 1/2 hours of walking past little streams, waterfalls, and dodging past stalactites and stalagmites. No matter how hard it might be, the reward is truly refreshing, as a spring and pool awaits travelers to cool down their tired bodies.

The best way getting to Cantabon Cave entails you a one-hour plane ride from Manila to Dumaguete, another forty-five(45) minute ferry ride to the island of Siquijor, and some nine(9) kilometer travel to Barangay Cantabon via a motorbike or what people would often call as “habal-habal”.

Now, the next thing you have in mind is the cost to enjoy a whole day of fun. An entrance fee of 10 pesos will be charged and if you wish to have trekking guide with you, you’ll need to pay an additional of 300 pesos which already covers the use of gear such as flashlights and helmets.

Mountain climbing, in addition to trekking, is an excellent way to enjoy your trip. From preparing your gear down to the last minute of discovering the cave, the excitement will keep you. Another fascinating way to spend the day in Cantabon Cave would be to explore the various rock formations in the walls of the cave.

Visitors say it’s indeed a rocky travel along those slopes and areas where you have to bend over to avoid bumping into the formations. A quick note would be to equip yourself with durable shoes that can endure rocks and secure your helmet in place. Moreover, travellers often say that it takes about two (2) hours to explore the whole place to and from and that it wouldn’t be complete without taking shots of the beauty the cave beholds.
Cantabon Cave’s existence is dated back in 1985 during its discovery by some foreign hunters that thrived in the place. Stories don’t really tell of mystifying folklores except that Cantabon is just sitting next to Barangay Antonio which they describe as a “voodoo place”. Nevertheless, the trip to this cave is breath-taking and would continue to leave awe to its visitors.

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