Thursday, April 28, 2011

El Nido, Palawan

El Nido, Palawan is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations here in the Philippines.

El Nido, being one of the most diverse ecosystem in the country, is protected for its unique flora and fauna, and pristine geologic formations. These include:
  • limestone cliffs, the home of the swiftlets
  • 50 white sand beaches
  • 5 types of forest (the lowland evergreen rainforests found in the mainland and islands such as Miniloc, Lagen and Pangulasian; semi-deciduous forests; forests over limestone; beach forests; and, the mangrove forests found mostly around major rivers and creeks in the mainland)
  • 3 major marine habitats
  • 16 endemic and 10 threatened species of birds (including the Palawan Hornbill, the Palawan Shama, the Palawan tit, Palawan Scops Owl, and the Palawan Peacock Pheasant)
  • 6 species of marine mammals endemic to Palawan (including dolphins and its native dugong)
  • the Palawan Tree Shrew, the Palawan Stink Badger, the Palawan Spiny Rat, the Palawan Anteater, and the Northern Palawan Tree Squirrel
  • 4 species of endagered marine turtles (hawksbill, olive ridley, leatherback and green sea turtles)
  • 100 species of corals, 45 of which belongs to the genera of hard corals
  • 813 species of fish

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